Start here. A Three-Week Wellness Program by Northwest Life Medicine Clinic

With over 20 years of combined holistic health education and practice we have come to find that folks are needing more support around making positive changes in their life. Research shows that our mindset and beliefs about what is possible in our lives plays a huge role in how we feel and what we accomplish. The stories we tell ourselves define our experiences . It’s time to rewrite your wellness story, fill it with self empowerment and possibility.

In this revolutionary workshop series, we combine deep, inspiring mindset work along with practical holistic health education to plant the roots of a truly sustainable health practice. You’ll gain tools that you can come back to any time you need them to steer you back towards health. It is normal and natural to cycle through ups and downs in your health, the key is knowing you have the right tools and skills to sustainably get back on a healthy path.

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