Garden of Life, Studio UFO – Trish Harding and friends, and Growing Alliances get together to create a fundraiser for the At-risk youth of Whatcom County.
Growing Alliances provides youth professional development training and gardening skills to foster responsibility and independence. Using mankind’s oldest way of bonding and creating strong friendships that carry through life, youth are taught to grow, cook and share food.
Join us for an evening of classical music, friends, friendly up bidding and catering by Chef Arlen of Room for One More.
Studio UFO, Trish Harding and friends, have created beautiful art pieces in a theme of After Van Gogh, for the Youth for this exciting live auction. 70% of the proceeds go to Growing Alliances, and 30% to the artists.
Garden of Life, Bellingham WA is a movement which supports gardening as a way to build community. Bern Jacqueline loves Van Gogh and as Vincent Van Gogh was a struggling artist, respects the value put in by the donors, the artists.
Our goal of raising $25,000 will cover at minimum wage for the youth to garden this summer!

Lightcatcher Building
250 Flora Street, Bellingham, WA, 98225