Shifting Gears, Bellingham’s non-profit creating welcoming recreational experiences for all women in the outdoors, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated 6th Annual Wild Women Week, starting February 29th and running through March 9th. In partnership with more local organizations and businesses than ever before, this ten-day extravaganza will provide opportunities for women to engage in many of Bellingham’s incredible outdoor (and some indoor) activities, while fostering strong ties between the women participating and a sense of empowerment in the outdoors.

“Wild Women Week has been Shifting Gears’ celebration of International Women’s Day for the past six years,” said Krysy Keller, Shifting Gears Executive Director. “As a day that brings women together all over the world, this week is our way of making Bellingham’s incredible recreational activities even more approachable and accessible for women in our community, while also forming strong bonds between the women who participate.”

Shifting Gears is also excited to reintroduce the ‘Dirt to Indulgence’ Party on the last day of festivities. Absent from the past three Wild Women Weeks due to the pandemic, the party serves as a place to celebrate, connect and reflect on all the ways participants spent the week adventuring in the community. During the event, Shifting Gears will also name their ‘Wild Woman of the Year’. This individual, having been nominated by their community, is someone who has overcome barriers and inspired others this past year with their outstanding spirit. The party will be hosted the evening of March 9th at Lost Giants Cider Company, and will offer food, drinks and dancing in a safe place, where women are encouraged to be their wild selves.

Wild Women Week features a wide array of activities and provides opportunities for women to discover something about Bellingham, be it a new local business, or a new hobby. Events include bike rides through partners like Transition Bikes, the Bike Ranch, Stones Throw and Wonder Brewing, paddling through the Community Boating Center, Line Dancing at Boots Tavern, Self Compassion and Sexual Empowerment workshops through Wink Wink, Open Water Swimming, Yoga, Bowling, and many more. All levels are welcome at every event, and required equipment will be provided at most.

“With so many women-owned businesses partnering, and so many women leading these events, Wild Women Week is also a celebration of these incredible assets to our community,” said Aubrey McNeil, Shifting Gears Board Member. “We had the most participation ever from local businesses this year, something that shows us just how excited Bellingham is to engage its wild women. We are so honored to have the community’s support.”

Shifting Gears invites all Bellingham women to be part of the unforgettable Wild Women Week. To explore the full schedule of events and register for participation, visit the official website at and the calendar of events at

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Shifting Gears is Bellingham’s ultimate outdoor adventure organization, dedicated to empowering individuals, promoting inclusivity, and igniting a passion for the great outdoors. Through a thrilling array of outdoor activities, workshops, and community events, Shifting Gears aims to inspire personal growth, forge unbreakable bonds, and nurture the spirit of adventure in every participant.

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