Evolve Chocolate

Carefully melted, simmered, stirred and rolled with love…Evolve is the perfect story for the month of amor. Co-owners Christy & Shannon Fox were married six years ago but have always been passionate about good food, the power of local, and yes….chocolate.

They started Evolve wanting to share the bounty and flavors of our region, and their passion for confections. Both have a deep history with food, Christy as a chef for the past 25 years, and Shannon coming from a French household where life revolved around the kitchen, afterward going on to work in the catering industry for many years.

Every day both Christy and Shannon have worked together to nurture and grow a business that also helps support many local farms including Bowhill Blueberries, Twin Brooks Creamery, Holmquist Hazelnuts, and more! The main staple of Evolve has been their truffles, each carrying a special story that marks an important event in their lives together. The Solstice Truffle was named as they were married on the solstice and it embodies the delectable flavors of the wedding cake Christy made.

Evolution and change are inevitable and true to their name, this year marks big growth for the duo. Starting soon they will be offering a rotating truffle menu, with four different gift collections being available at set times in the year. They are also launching their new Chai Sipping Chocolate, handmade (like everything else), sourced in part from the Spice Hut, and incredibly luxurious. In addition, Christy has accepted a position as Executive Chef for the new concept restaurant “northwater,” so you can be sure to look forward to local delicacies and a creative culinary experience there.

To get your hands on some of their must-have confections, visit their website to shop online or find where you can get their treats around town, and visit them in March for an open house in their beautiful kitchen!

Evolve Chocolate
Bellingham, WA

Love and Truffles from Lisa Gruwell Spicer on Vimeo.



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