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Local Gifts Under $50

Madrona Gifts

We offer creatively themed gift boxes reflecting the flavors and flair of the Salish Coast region. Featuring nature-sourced and earth-inspired goods from small local merchants. Eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping means your gift from nature is a gift right back to her. Shop local and think global this Holiday Season.


Plaid Blanket Scarf

Northwest Yarns

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to create, Northwest Yarns has you covered. Give your friends and family the gift of creativity with a World of Wool Needle Felting Kit. These kits have excellent instructions and all the materials and tools needed to make a needle felted pet. Choose from a fox, chameleon, rabbit, giraffe, Highland cow, sheep, tortoise, unicorn, or a wolf, and watch their eyes light up with excitement!


Pangea Ferments

Know someone whom is crazy about fermented food? Savory, zesty, tangy, spicy and delicious packs of sauerkraut, kimchi and other seasonal products are available online and at select locations.

Pure Bliss Desserts

Gift cards are the sweetest! From cozy apparel to desserts, coffee, wine to a fabulously fun and festive cake to celebrate you! Pure Bliss has got you covered!


Marigold & Mint Botanicals Candles (9 oz) made with natural soy, essential oils and cotton wicks, and hand-poured in glass vessels. Enjoy a 40+ hour clean burn. Choose from four gift-boxed varieties: Signature Mint and Marigold, Northwest Rain, Fig and Black Pepper, and Mamnoon. $40 each. Made in Seattle.

Wild Bird Chalet

Our favorite tube feeders come with a lifetime guarantee Made in the USA with an easy clean drop out base Sanitary for birds. Easy to fill and clean. Great for little birds, or use a tray for more perching room and a dome to protect from weather if desired.