Building Decarbonization

Tech Talk Series 2021

Not why, but how?


How do we decarbonize existing residential buildings? Watch the Energy & Green Building Team and Madrona Building Solutions in this six-part series on building decarbonization technologies catered towards industry folks such as contractors, builders, architects, and other industry professionals. These hour-long “Tech Talks” provide a more in-depth and technical knowledge that requires a sophisticated baseline, as we focus on how to implement these technologies in your work. Unlike other technical webinars, we provided a space for a more robust discussion on some of the science and pros and cons of different options.

A Look Beyond 2018 Energy Code

Join us for a quick review of why we have an energy code and how Washington’s energy codes compare to other states. In this hour-long session, we will review the major 2018 Washington State Energy Code residential provisions. We will include a sneak peek at the 2021 IECC, and projections about the future of the WSEC.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Curious about heat pump water heaters for your next project? Tap into this Tech Talk to learn some new trends in heat pump water systems including installation considerations, low-GWP refrigerants, Combi space + water heating, and new options for the retrofit market.

Advanced Wall Systems

Want to learn more about different high-performance wall systems for residential homes? Join us for this session detailing advanced wall systems. We will host a panel of three builders to discuss different approaches to high-performance wall systems (approaching R-30) including stick framed with continuous exterior insulation, SIPs and ICFs. We will review energy performance, embodied energy, costs, and the design/construction process.

Achieving Passive-Level Airtightness

We all know the importance of an ultra-tight building, but how do we achieve that in our design? In this Tech Talk, we will review the principles of airtight homes, code/certification requirements, and advanced testing methods. We will discuss the pros and cons of different methods/products for air sealing.

Energy & Green Building Programs

Join us to learn the benefits of certifying a home as beyond-Energy Code. This will include discussion of HERS Ratings, Energy Star for Homes, DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, and Built Green. We will discuss current green building incentives such as the 45L Tax Credit, PSE High-Performance Homes, and others in the works.

Indoor Air Quality

In this session, we will review the principles of maintaining excellent indoor air quality in an airtight building. This session will include details of envelope considerations and nontoxic interior finishes. We will also discuss air filtration, HRVs/ERVs, and how to maintain IAQ during smoke events.


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