While the temperatures may be chilly, Sasquatch’s heart is anything but! In fact, after a winter of handing out Think Local First gift cards (and then a long, cozy hibernation), Sasquatch is more full of love for their community than ever before. Luckily for them, ‘tis the season to celebrate love in all its many manifestations.

Valentine’s Day is culturally associated with chocolate, roses, and Hallmark sayings galore. But to Sasquatch, there’s one thing above all else that says ‘I love you’: waffles. Yes, waffles – those magical, whimsical, comforting concoctions that grace brunch tables and breakfast-in-beds alike. This Valentine’s Day, Sasquatch is exploring the best waffles that Whatcom County has to offer. Follow along on their journey to find delicious and unique ways to express love – all in waffle form!

Sasquatch will start their quest with a delectable Lefse Waffle from Waffles in Paradise, a local “wild womxn-owned waffle stand” with a multicultural menu that draws from Norway, Sweden, and Belgium, all while sourcing ingredients grown and produced in the Pacific Northwest. The Lefse is a Norwegian waffle made with potato flour, brushed with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar. Sasquatch got a heart-shaped waffle, ready to share with a special someone!

Sasquatch enjoying waffles from Waffles in Paradise

But that is just the beginning of the Valentine’s Day epic waffle quest. Sasquatch will stop by the waffle truck Sweet as Waffles to sample their magnificent savory Wizard Flip Waffle – maple-balsamic marinated portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions and peppers, tomato, arugula, vegan maple-dijon aioli, and a side of chips. Yes, there’s a waffle in there somewhere!

Sasquatch will then visit Storia Cucina for a brunch waffle packed with love and local ingredients. Their sourdough waffle is made from locally milled flour, a 1971 sourdough starter, and is topped with blueberries and whipped mascarpone, and Sasquatch can’t get enough. Pro-tip: the ambiance at Storia Cucina is delightfully romantic!

The waffle tour continues at Bantam 46, where Sasquatch will sample the famous Chicken and Waffles – we’re talking Tellicherry pepper waffles, a fried chicken breast, herb honey butter, and bourbon maple syrup. Then they’ll saunter across downtown to Mount Bakery, where Sasquatch plans to find true love in the form of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict atop – you guessed it! – a housemade savory Belgian waffle. Swoon!

Photo courtesy of Storia Cucina

Photo courtesy of Steensma Creamery

Having satisfied both their sweet and savory teeth, Sasquatch will want to do a little baking of their own. After all, what’s more delightful than surprising a special someone with breakfast in bed?! Of course, Sasquatch will be cooking up a storm with local ingredients, thanks to the help of Steensma Creamery‘s delicious homemade waffle recipe. Cairnspring Mills is a locally-milled flour that packs both flavor and nutrients. Combined with gorgeous eggs from Ten Fold Farm and skyr from Steensma Creamery, you’ve got a recipe that will win the heart of anyone. And no stack of waffles would be complete without a generous drizzle of Neil’s Bigleaf Maple Syrup, a local syrup company that taps bigleaf maple trees instead of the more traditional sugar maples. And, of course, the not-so-secret-ingredient is love. Check out the full recipe here.

Sasquatch knows that if there’s a time to be a little extra, it’s now! That’s why Sasquatch plans to book a room at the Heliotrope Hotel and order a gorgeous bouquet from Humble Bouquet for the most beautiful breakfast-in-bed of all time. Sasquatch will whip up a batch of their favorite homemade waffles – they’ll even pick up some cookbooks from Village Books for culinary inspiration.

Full on waffles, Sasquatch will take a moment to reflect on Valentine’s Day – a holiday that celebrates love. Sasquatch may or may not have a sweetheart wandering in the Mount Baker Wilderness, but Sasquatch knows that love extends far beyond romantic partnership. There’s love in the ingredients grown by local farmers that are then sourced by local restaurants. There’s love in a family splitting a plate of waffles. There’s love when you make a special breakfast for your best friend. Sasquatch will settle back, satiated and happy, and think that they’re lucky to live in a community that is so full of love – and waffles.

Photo courtesy of Humble Bouquet

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