Sign Language Interpretation at Events

How do I sign up for sign language interpretation?
When registering for the event online, make sure to select that you would like sign language interpretation for on the online registration form. Please note: we need at least one week to get these services scheduled. If you register with less than a week until the event, we might not be able to arrange an interpreter.

If you register over the phone or in person, please specify that you would like sign language interpretation.

How do I know I’ve signed up correctly?
You’ll hear from our Events Coordinator at least one week prior to the event to confirm your request for an interpreter. If you need confirmation sooner than that, contact her at or (360) 647-7093 x 108.

How much does Sign Language Interpretation cost?
This is a free service.

What if I end up not needing an interpreter?
We request that you notify us as soon as possible if you will not be needing interpretation services. We have a one strike policy for those who sign up and don’t use the services without notifying us ahead of time.

What do I do when I arrive at the event?
Make sure to arrive at the event on time. Let someone at the registration table know you’ve signed up for sign language interpretation. While the folks at the registration table cannot sign, they will be notified that you are coming. So you can sign to them or write a note to let them know who you are. They will point out who is your interpreter for the event. You will be paired with your interpreter for the entirety of the event.

Do you have more questions?
Contact our Events Coordinator, Abbie, at or (360) 647-7093 x 108.