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Soundings of the Planet was founded in 1979 by husband and wife team Dudley and Dean Evenson. This year they celebrate 40 years of creating Peace Through Music! They have produced over 80 award-winning music albums and videos collaborating with outstanding musicians from around the world. Their music is available on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, amazon, and all streaming services. To listen search ‘Dean Evenson’, ‘Dudley Evenson’, ‘Phil Heaven’, ‘Jeff Willson’ , ‘Scott Huckabay’, ‘Tom Barabas’ or other Soundings artists. Dudley and Dean have published their first book QUIETING THE MONKEY MIND: HOW TO MEDITATE WITH MUSIC. Dudley is also a life coach and is available for working with entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals who want to live their dreams. Phil Heaven manages the Soundings of the Planet recording studio and is available to help local musicians record their albums.
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