Local Gift Cards

Participate in the Whatcom County Think Local First Gift Card program. It’s a simple way for people and companies to “give back” and drive more business into our local stores. Custom-branded for Whatcom County, they are digital gift cards that can be used at any participating merchants: restaurants, salons and spas, boutiques, sports and entertainment, hotels, and more. They are a quick and easy way to keep spending local, strengthen our local businesses and build our community!

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Think Local First Gift Card

Free for Whatcom County Local businesses

There is no special technology or administration required to participate, as long as you accept Mastercard and can key in the transaction like a phone order. There is no fee to participate.

Think Local First Whatcom County Gift Cards will keep local money local. All-digital cards are redeemed as virtual vouchers powered by MasterCard, they can be accessed from mobile phones or they can be printed. With no back-office administration, funds are automatically paid to the merchant.

who uses the gift cards?

Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service

Anyone who wishes to buy from a local Whatcom County business could buy gift cards for themselves, friends, neighbors, teachers…the sky’s the limit! Companies in Whatcom County can also purchase the gift cards in bulk quantities and give them to their employees to keep money circulating in Whatcom County!

How are gift cards redeemed?

The customer presents their Think Local First Whatcom County Gift Card on a mobile device or printed on paper. As a merchant, you will process the transaction as a MasterCard (credit card, not a gift card), key in the 16-digit code, CVV, zip code, and expiration as required by your Point of Sale. It is processed exactly like a credit card transaction that is keyed in, or similar to a phone order.

How are gift cards purchased?

think local first chinook book mobile app

Customers can buy gift cards online at our website (or yours!) …and give them as gifts, thank yous, teacher gifts, coach gifts, marketing programs, customer appreciation, or just because! You can too! They are all digital so customers will have them either printed or on their phones.

Reasons e-gift cards get declined

Sometimes, an e-gift card gets declined and you don’t know why! There could be a variety of reasons – check out the resource below for help and suggestions!

Merchant Kit

Looking for answers to all your questions about being a Think Local First Gift card merchant? That’s where this handy Merchant Kit comes in! You’ll find answers to a variety of questions from how to run your activation card to ways to get more business!

Printable Resources