Summer is the season when the good folks of Bellingham and Whatcom County head to the mountains, seas, and breweries to soak up some well-earned sun and good times. After a long winter and spring (we see you, La Nina), it’s time to enjoy, explore, and Drink Local First.

Sasquatch is a huge fan of all the beverages that this area crafts and creates, whether that’s the iced coffee that fuels their days in the wilderness or the perfect hazy IPA cracked open after a long day lounging on the beach.

Before every adventure, Sasquatch stops by Camber Coffee for an iced latte made with local Grace Harbor Farms milk. After all, what’s better than a little local caffeine to fuel a day playing in the mountains?

For hydration, an extra boost of vitamins, and sheer deliciousness, Sasquatch always makes sure to stop by Refresh Juice Co. Sasquatch’s go-to order? A watermelon and young coconut juice that replenishes all those electrolytes – especially needed after mountain biking on Galbraith, one of Sasquatch’s favorite ways to spend a summer afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Refresh Juice Co.

Photo courtesy of Junebug Ferments

Sasquatch has also been delighting in all the non-alcoholic beverages out there. One such favorite is a can of Hibiscus Sips Fizz, a sweet and tangy drink made by Sarah Chan of Calypso Kitchen. It’s the perfect thing to tuck into your picnic basket, and can be mixed with seltzer and syrups for mocktails galore.

Delicious fermented beverages don’t stop at ginger beer, though – Sasquatch loves the wild-fermented probiotic tonics from Junebug Ferments. Their Carrot Kvass is just what Sasquatch needs to put a little pep in their step.

When Sasquatch is feeling creative and crafty in the kitchen, they love an herbal iced tea made with one of the soothing blends from Flying Bird Botanicals. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy on your back porch, or even while gardening!

Of course, when Sasquatch wants to get a little glam they head to Samson Estates Winery, where local, delicious wines abound. From sweet dessert wines to off-dry table wines, there’s something for everyone – and the beautiful location in the Nooksack Valley makes everything taste even better!

Since Bellingham and beer are practically synonymous, Sasquatch always has a couple of brews on hand to celebrate a hike or paddle. They especially love the classic Cedar Dust IPA from Boundary Bay Brewery.

Sasquatch also loves a trip to the Chuckanut Bay Distillery tasting room, where they sample incredible local spirits. Their go-to summer cocktail is the Bellingham Sunset, made with Chuckanut Bay vodka, orange juice, local Shrub Farm Hibiscus Orange Shrub, and prosecco. Cheers!

Sasquatch is seriously obsessed with the Elderberry Cider from Lost Giants Cider, made with regional berries. It’s crisp and that perfect blend of tart and sweet – and is a companion on many of Sasquatch’s summer adventures.

Photo courtesy of Atwood Farm Brewery

There are so many ways to Drink Local First this summer, and these are only nine! All of these drinks can be purchased using a Whatcom Think Local First gift card and taken on all your adventures. And head to this page for even more delightful Drink Local First ideas – including recipes to make at home!

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