Local Champions

Flying Bird Botanicals

Every time you brew a cup of tea, you promote peace and goodwill in your life and around the world. Because the integrity of the product benefits all the lives that have participated in bringing you a quality cup of tea. Meet Flying Bird Botanicals and the wonder woman behind it: Scout Erling.

Going Big

By Mark Peterson “Wow.” Yes, that is what I said to myself as I have started to reflect a bit more intently on the occurrences of 2018. The turn of the seasons and the holidays ahead provide me an annual opportunity to take stock of the past 12 months and be thankful...

Seifert & Jones Wine Merchants

Over 50 years of food and wine experience   By Liz Hansen December 2018 If you’re anything like me, buying a bottle of wine for a special occasion consists of deliberating over the prettiest bottle on the sale rack. As you can imagine, I often get stuck with my...

Free Range Flowers

Local flowers are just as beneficial as your local foods and other goods. Celeste Monke, farmer, florist, and owner of Free Range Flowers, is here to tell us exactly why local flowers are so important!

Two Nonprofits Join Forces to Strengthen Local Food Systems

BELLINGHAM, WA, November 15, 2018 | Sustainable Connections and Cloud Mountain Farm Center today announced that they will be merging together into one nonprofit. Completion of the merger is expected to take place on December 31, 2018, when Cloud Mountain...

Stepping Down

Stepping Downby Tom ThorntonIt was late September 1978 when I rolled up the driveway of an abandoned chicken farm on Goodwin Rd. The landscape contours of the fields then looked like cotton ready for harvest. The reality was a very dense stand of Canadian...

Making a Meal of It

This past month I had the distinct pleasure of working with multiple groups and stellar individuals to support a community meal, while showcasing the recovered foods and highlighting the businesses supporting the Food Recovery Initiative. Together, around a table at the Van Zandt Community Center, a plan was hatched to test the feasibility of feeding 100 people with recovered foods.


MIX employees are knowledgeable, cheery, and helpful! Abundantly Delicious   By Alex Smith November 2018 It’s rare these days to find something that truly defies our expectations. We’ve been exploring the edges of absurdity for so long that things we might have...

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild Marketing Manager Riley Starks, President Keith Carpenter, and General Manager Ian Kirouac Saving our oceans, one fish at a time By Liz Hansen November, 2018 Long, long ago, in the Salish Sea, the Lummi people devised ingenious methods to harvest...

Wild Acres Farm

The Cost of a Local Chicken   By Diana Meeks I held the largest pear I've ever seen in my life at Wild Acres Farm, just outside of Bellingham. It was, without exaggeration, half the size of my head. They really know how to grow them! But, Wild Acres doesn't sell...

Grinding Gears and Shuttling Rubber

I should have known better than to sell Staci and Craig short! I was blown away with when I learned the lengths they have gone to reduce waste.

Big Love Juice

Big Love Juice is designed to satisfy the entire body, mind, and soul. From the simple delight of tasty food to the long-term satisfaction of health, vitality, and community, it’s the heartbeat that moves love through the community.