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Utilize Those Food Scraps!
Utilize Those Food Scraps!

Before you decide to throw out those food scraps, think twice! There are lots of ways to use those food scraps and give them a second life. We want you to reuse those scraps and make turn them into useful products for your home! Here are our 8 suggestions for what to do with those […]

How to revive your food

Sometimes our food may begin to look a little sad, like when your greens begin to wilt a bit. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy these foods in your next meal, you just have to revive those foods! With a little bit of extra love, you can bring life back to you […]

The fine art of freezing

Freezing foods is a great way to cut down costs on your grocery bill, reduce food waste, and to make your life just a bit easier! But, there is a process one should master when attempting to freeze their foods. But have no fear, Sustainable Connections is here! We would like to help answer all […]

Food waste happens in the fridge, so use that space wisely!

Did you know that with just a few small steps, you can utilize all the space in your fridge and, in turn, reduce food waste? Pretty neat, huh! Here is our guide to organizing your fridge to help squatch waste!   8 organizational tips to help reduce waste borne from an unorganized refrigerator! Temperature control […]

10 meal planning tips to reduce waste to keep your belly and wallet full

Meal planning may seem like a daunting chore. You’re a busy person with many tasks to knock off your to-do list in a day, and meal planning may be the last item you want to prioritize. But, what if we told you that carving out a little bit of time each week could keep your fridge […]