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“The whole house is evaluated and the work is followed by an independent inspector, along with options for financing – it was impossible not to participate! After insulating top to bottom, our heating bills really were 50 percent lower – consistently!”

“I have dust allergies and switching to the ductless heat pump has helped enormously. Working with the CEC saved me 1/3 of the project cost and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their incentives. Lee suggested installing a heat pump water heater as well and that ended up being a great idea. For the cost of a regular water heater I was able to buy one that is cutting edge and twice as efficient.”

“The CEC launched just as I became a first-time homebuyer, so the timing was perfect for me to upgrade my adorable 1921-built house.  I loved the fact that the project provided work for local contractors, and to date, between electrical work that was required before the insulation could be added, and the toilet replacement that was unrelated but necessary, my improvements have provided work for 8 people. By the way, if you have gone through the CEC process, you’re eligible for a rebate on water-saving appliances!  The people at CEC were professional, caring, and responsive.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this great program!” 

“The Community Energy Challenge provided me with an opportunity to see how well radiant floor heating was performing in our Bellingham home.  The assessment found our house to be well-insulated, but the boiler was not properly installed or energy efficient.  The Energy Challenge set us up with a new, energy efficient boiler that heats the house and hot water.  Our power bills have dropped significantly as a result of this change.  The Community Energy Challenge also identified solar potential for our home, and we are seriously considering adding solar panels to our roof.  Our family is very pleased with the program, and happy to do our part to consume less energy.”

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The Community Energy Challenge is a joint project between Sustainable Connections and the Opportunity Council

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