Food for thought…

This is a special time of year for all of those who love to eat and cook (and who doesn’t love to either eat or cook), especially here in the Pacific Northwest. The food we have here could match any spot in the world known for culinary experiences. Sweet squash of every kind, heritage turkeys, earthy beets, tart greens and flavors preserved from the summer months like berries, tomatoes, and peaches! We have fresh oysters from the Sound, pastured pork, and enough creameries to make a cheese lovers heart melt.

We are home to some of the best ingredients and food. We hope that your tables are surrounded by the people you love and packed with food you are excited to dig into! After all, the best flavors are from home. Savor this time of year and all its abundance with the ones you love. Season’s Greetings from the Sustainable Connections team!

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Take the holidays pledge!

Take the pledge and add something new to your families holiday traditions, or challenge yourself by trying something new, share the pledge with a friend – every small action adds up! Let’s show our food and farming community that we care.

I pledge to use and showcase at least one local ingredient in my holiday meals

I pledge to try at least one new local ingredient this holiday season

I pledge to gift one local food product this season

I pledge to shop for as many of my weekly items at the farmers market this season at least once

I pledge to eat a locally owned restaurant for at least outing when I inevitably get tired of all the holiday cooking!

Shop with these Local Markets

Shop with independent businesses to keep money here in our community, plus find ingredients and items that have been sourced locally and enjoy the flavors of home and the freshest foods! We encourage everyone to start their shopping trips here to Eat Local First.

Find the Perfect Local Tree