Business Participation

September is Eat Local Month! It’s the time of year we go BIG to encourage our community to support local food businesses, educate them on the importance of eating local, and celebrate the bounty that’s in our backyard!  We take every opportunity to tell the story of local food businesses through special events, media, and partnerships.

2 Ways to Participate

  • Eat Local Month Restaurant Specials (all September long)
  • Create your own event (and we’ll help promote it)
See details below and sign up by July 17th

Participant Benefits

Participants reap the benefit of inclusion in our September Eat Local Month printed guide. In addition, participants receive extra PR, media, web and social media promotion. Here is a snapshot of our current digital reach:

  • Our Eat Local First Northwest Facebook page has over 3.9k followers, and our Sustainable Connections Facebook page has more than 8.6k followers
  • Our Eat Local First Northwest Instagram page has more than 3.3k followers, and our Sustainable Connections Instagram page has more than 3.1k followers
  • The Eat Local First newsletter goes out to over 3.2k subscribers, and the Sustainable Connections newsletter goes out to over 14.6k subscribers

Not to mention, Eat Local Month is just plain fun and a great way to better connect with your customers! But don’t take our word for it, here are what past attendees had to say about their experiences during Eat Local Month:

I was delighted to visit Alluvial Farms to see all the work, love, and care the farmers put into their pigs. We even saw a sow giving birth! It created a deeper connection to the farms I eat from.

2022 Farm Tour Participant

I loved seeing so many restaurants shout out local farms and the dishes they cooked up using Whatcom County bounty. It was a heartwarming and belly filling show of strength and support by our community.

2022 Eat Local Month Particpant

I love the wealth of food and flowers that are available throughout the county. There are so many wonderful places you can get something to enjoy locally.

2022 Eat Local Month Participant

How to Participate

Be a featured restaurant during Eat Local Month

We’re looking for restaurants, cafes and food trucks that are excited to highlight local food on their menus to be featured during the month of September. Experiencing local food through the creative lens of our local chefs is a great way to get the community more curious and invested in what our food system has to offer. In addition to being heavily promoted on our website and social media channels, featured restaurants will be listed in our Eat Local Month guide and listed on our website event pages for the entire month of September. Eat Local Month will be advertised locally and will also be advertised in the Greater Seattle area, Spokane, and Vancouver, BC to entice visitors to participate.

See the guidelines below.

  • Must be a member of Sustainable Connections
    • To participate in Eat Local Month you must be a member of Sustainable Connections. Not a member yet? No problem! Membership starts at just $15.89/month or $190 for the year (based on annual revenue). To learn more about membership and to sign up, check out our website.
  • Eat Local Month Specials
    • Create one special Eat Local Month appetizer composed of 50% or more locally sourced ingredients.
    • Create at least one special Eat Local Month entrée composed of 50% or more locally sourced ingredients. You can keep the same special all month, or change it as often as you like. Perhaps you will want to highlight seafood during the final week of Eat Local Month for Seafood Week!
    • *We define local as food grown, caught, harvested, or made in Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island counties.
  • Promotion
    • A huge portion of the success of Eat Local Month is directly tied to our local Producers and Buyers actively promoting one another.  We know that farms are proud to be featured in local restaurants, and local restaurants are proud to be able to tell their local-food-seeking customers exactly where the kale in their salad came from, or that the cheese on their pizza was crafted within a 20 mile radius! We need our participants to be committed to telling the story of their local sourcing in the following ways:
      • Commit to highlighting locally sourced menu items with the fork symbol. (We will provide graphics).
      • Commit to having something on each table for the month of September that tells the consumer where you sourced the local ingredients in your Eat Local Month specials. This can be on your menu and/or a table tent.
      • Commit to making sure all of your Front of House staff are aware of the Eat Local Month Specials, and will be able to tell customers the farms you are featuring to create them (i.e. “We have two Eat Local Month Specials going!  A caprese salad with basil and tomatoes from Twin Cedars Farm, and Mozzarella from Ferndale Farmstead…” etc.)
      • Commit to using your social media channels to co-promote your featured farms, and Eat Local Month throughout the month of September. (i.e. one post a week to Instagram/ facebook to tell consumers about your locally sourced menu items, and/or highlights about why you source from the farms that you do).
      • Please know that the Food & Farming team will be generously supporting you in the months prior to, as well as during the entire month of September. We will provide plug & play content and examples for you so that you don’t have to spend time creating content if you don’t want to!  Most businesses report a huge sense of value and connection when they make the effort to co-promote each other – It’s pretty special!  (Click here to see some examples from previous Eat Local Month promotion successes).
  • Set up a short meeting with Food and Farming staff
    • Prior to Eat Local Month, restaurants agree to a short meeting either in person or virtually so Food and Farming staff can check in about the specials you’re offering and make sure you have all of the information you’ll need to share the love of local food with your staff and customers.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out the Eat Local Month participant application before June 16th

Be a collaborative partner

Not a restaurant or farm but want to participate in Eat Local Month? Have a food/farm-related event that you want to co-promote? Send Jessica an email at! We’d love to work with you to support and promote all things local!

If you have any questions, contact Jessica Gillis at

Thank you to our sponsors!