September 24th – 30th

A part of Eat Local Month, 19 Whatcom restaurants are participating to show you just how incredible local food can be during Restaurant Week! It is also another opportunity to celebrate the folks that add to and support our local food scene while supporting farmers and food producers from Whatcom, Skagit, and Island Counties.

Head in to try their Eat Local Month Special the week of the 24th and get your Eat Local Month Passport stamped. Collect 8 stamps and enter to win one of five locavore prize packages, or get 12 and be entered twice – winning never tasted so good! All participating restaurants will have passports or download one below.

Aslan Brewery Co. | 1330 N Forest St., Bellingham

Aslan Brewing Company was founded in the basement of a Bellingham home in 2012, making us seven years old this month! The doors to our brewpub opened in May of 2014, and since then, we have made the local community to center of our attention. We are a Certified B Corp, which means our entire business operates off of a triple bottom line principles: People, Planet, then Profit.

We believe local food is better food, and that’s why we love it. We have found that the products we are able to source locally are fresher, bolder, and more unique than those sourced from outside the area. Plus, we know our dollar is going directly to help other businesses flourish in our community. Whenever local is available, we take it.

Eat Local Month Special

Cooking with seasonal food means chef’s work with farmers to see what is available each week, we’ll update this as soon as the chef knows what they’ll be cooking!

We proudly support Rabbit Fields Farm, Joe’s Garden, Puget Sound Food Hub, Ralph’s Greenhouse, Hedlin Farms, Cedarville Farms, Growing Veterans, Viva Farms, Osprey Hill Farm, Caruso Farm, Happy Valley Sprouts, North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative, Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Southern Exposure Family Farm, Slanted Sun Farm, Davine Aquaponics, Avenue Bread, Cascadia Mushrooms, Claus Meats, Shambala Bakery, Twin Sister’s Creamery, Ferndale Farmstead Cheese, Spice Hut, Bellingham Coffee Roasters, Mallard Ice Cream, and many more!

Boundary Bay Brewery | 1107 Railroad Ave., Bellingham

Boundary Bay Brewery has been a part of the community for 22 years (September 1995)! We are locally owned and run – providing jobs to over 100 people in our community. From supporting local non-profits to using locally sourced ingredients, sustainability is a pillar of Boundary Bay.

Supporting local food is all about fostering a healthy economy and community, which in turn creates sustainable relationships from producer to consumer. We love local food because we get to share our locally crafted meals made with ingredients from our own community! Our Beer Garden is certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. We’re committed to move Toward Zero Waste within our brewery and pledged to consistently from local producers to help support Washington agriculture. We even mark all the items on our menu that include local ingredients so our customers can make informed decisions with their forks and dollars!  We’ve undertaken wastewater and energy audits, our spent grains feed the cattle at a local farm who supply our ground beef and the oil from our fryer is converted to biodiesel by a local company.


Eat Local Month Special

We’ve been working closely with Cloud Mountain Farms to craft the following Eat Local Month specials:
Buddha Bowl: Cabbage, mixed greens, rice, grilled Walla Walla onion, heirloom cherry tomato, cucumber, avocado, with a cashew tahini dressing
Caprese Salad: Heirloom tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella with balsamic reduction

Our menu is made from scratch by our amazing kitchen staff. Using locally sourced ingredients has built long-standing and lasting relationships with Cloud Mountain Farms, Gothberg Farms, Happy Valley Sprouts, Taylor Shellfish, Minterbrook Oyster Farm, K & M Farms, Holmquist Hazelnuts, Breckenridge Farm, Hempler’s, Barlean’s Fishery, Uli’s Famous Sausage, Mary’s Chickens, Great Harvest, Anderson Ranches, Ralf’s Bavarian Bakery, Bellingham Coffee Roasters, Chuckanut Bay Distillery (Barrels), Barbies Berries, Curt Maberry Farm, and Jack Mountain Meats.

Brandywine Kitchen | 1317 Commercial St, Bellingham


At Brandywine Kitchen everything is made from scratch with an emphasis on seasonal local produce and all natural meats. We are a quick and affordable counter service restaurant in a relaxed space that offers many gluten free options and dinner salads featuring 100% organic greens.  Our house made baguettes and hand cut fries are prepared daily.

We’ve been a part of this community for nearly 12 years. The first three (2006-2008) we were known as Brandywine Garden, specifically growing heirloom tomatoes and selling them weekly at the Bellingham Farmers Market and restaurants around town (such as Nimbus). The second three year period we spent growing produce and focusing on creating Brandywine Kitchen. We catered, attended events, and crafted and refined our business in preparation for a brick and mortar restaurant. Brandywine Kitchen’s grand opening awas in 2011, and we’ve loved being downtown each year since!

Getting our start in farming, we love local food! In fact, our motto ‘from seed to plate’ encompasses both our history as food producers and our belief that supporting local food systems through our restaurant purchases improve the community and leads to a superior product.

Eat Local Month Special

Cooking with seasonal food means chef’s work with farmers to see what is available each week, we’ll update this as soon as the chef knows what they’ll be cooking!

We support Terra Verde, Cloud Mountain, Holmquist Hazelnuts, Joes Garden, Brandywine Gardens, Appell Farms, Barleans , Carlton Farm, Draper Valley, and Hempler’s.

Ciao Thyme | 207 Unity St., Bellingham

Ciao Thyme has been providing delicious food in Whatcom County since 2001. We have built longstanding relationships with farmers, food artisans and local vendors in our community—making our seasonal menus a show of the local bounty. We love living in a diverse food community—with offerings from land and sea—it makes Bellingham an exciting place to cook!


Eat Local Month Special

Those fresh sheets are always changing! Check back in the week of.

We love sourcing often from Spring Time Farm, Twin Cedar Farm, Cedarville Farm, Cloud Mountain Farm, Cascadia Mushrooms, Holmquist Hazelnuts, Misty Meadows, ACME Valley Meats, Fresh Breeze Dairy, Joe’s Garden, Crows Farm, Rabbit Field Farm, Wanderwood, Terra Verde, BeeWorks Honey, North Cascades Meat Coop, Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Kombucha Town, Aslan Brewing, Wander Brewing, Kulshan Brewing, Sumas River Farm. We also buy from these farms/vendors on a more occasional basis: Slanted Sun Farm, Hayton Berry Farm, Sunseed, K&M Red River, Mariposa, Bow Hill Blueberries, Growing WA, Broadleaf, Wild Rose Farm, Dona Flora, Ferndale Farmstead Cheeses, Gothberg Farm Cheese, Misty Mountain, Sage and Sky

Chuckanut Brewery | 601 W Holly St., Bellingham

Owners Mari and Will started one of the first craft breweries in the Northwest “Thomas Kemper Brewery” back in 1984 in Seattle. After leaving they journey all around the world learning this craft and finally returned to their home in Bellingham, WA to start Chuckanut Brewery. And so the story of Chuckanut begins in 2008! Chef Jeremy Weizenbaum and Sous Chef Jeff Potter round out our management team in the Kitchen. It’s their delicious creations we enjoy every day in our warm and cozy Kitchen and give us sustenance to continue making great Biers!

Our menu includes monthly and weekly fresh specials that take advantage of the best in local and seasonal products. We source our menu from as many local and regional food growers and producers as possible to bring you, our guests the best in home cookin!!


Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen is passionate about being a sustainable member of our community and taking care of our environment. We have gone towards Zero Waste, recycle our spent grains with a local farmer, and with our computerized brewery system, conserve electricity, water, and people power! Chuckanut supports over 100 non profits in our region and continues to be a responsible neighbor to our enviroment and community. Supporting Chuckanut Brewery is supporting our sustainable culture and excitement about serving the best Beer & Food we can make. We hope you join us for Eat Local Month!

Eat Local Month Special

We’re still crafting our special, check back in the week of.

Some of the local farms we work with include: Terra Verde Farms (Ferndale), Sammish Cheese (Bow), KO Korral (Lynden), Cascadia Mushrooms (Bellingham), Avenue Bread (Bellingham), Tony’s Coffee (Bellingham), Barleans Fishery (Ferndale), Hempler’s Meats (Bellingham), Claus Meats (Bellingham), Jack Mountain Meats (Acme), Golden Glen Creamery (Bow), Spring Frog Organic Farms (Whatcom County), and other!

Cosmos Bistro | 151 N State St., Bellingham

Cosmos has been open for 2 1/2 years and I (Owner and Head Chef Cinnamon Berg) love being part of this awesome food-loving community. I have been obsessed with food since I found out about Easy Bake Ovens. Touching, growing, cutting, cooking, smelling, listening to and understanding food, whether I succeed or fail, is something I was born needing to do. I now feel privileged to share what I have learned with my daughters, kids and adults I have taught in cooking classes, and my kick-butt Cosmos staff who are always taking it to the next level with their own ideas and tastes. We believe food is ever-changing, dictated by the seasons and mother natures whims, that food is life-affirming and real. Food is life.

We buy the bulk of what we need from Springtime Farm. Whatever they have I will use! My staff never knows what we are going to get. I want them to have fun with trying new things and stretching themselves as cooks. Nick and Sarah from Springtime were the first farmers I met after opening the restaurant. I met them through another great business owner, Natalie from Posie by Natalie! They are really salt of the earth, give you the shirt off their backs passionate about what they do, people. To get the full list of farms we source from, open the toggle!

Eat Local Month Special

Check back in, we’ll know that week – it’s going to be epic.

We partner with and patronize many local food businesses including Leaf and Ladle, Saku tea, Cloud Mountain Farm, Barrett at Da’Vine Aquaponics (love so much!), Joe’s gardens… There are truly too many to mention. We get a CSA from Growing Washington. Mount Townsend Creamery.. are you kidding me? So delish. You can really taste the difference local makes.

Diamond Jims | 2400 Meridian St., Bellingham

Diamond Jim has been making the big 10″ pancakes since April Fool’s Day of 1998. Before the move to the Fountain District, he chose to quit working for the man (CORPORATION) and hasn’t looked back but has enjoyed building a breakfast and lunch businesses that serves his community and supports other local businesses!

Eat Local Month Special

Get ready for some local breakfast specials that will fill ya up and make you feel glad you supported our local farmers!


Drizzle Lynden | 420 Front St., Lynden

Drizzle has been around for 5 years, with our most recent location opening in Downtown Lynden in December 2015. We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering the freshest olive oil & vinegar we can source from around the globe. We also take that pride in our kitchen, working closely with farmers in our back yard to offer you the best dining experience possible at Drizzle located in the Mercantile Building in downtown Lynden.

As a chef local food isn’t just about the food, there is so much more going on behind the scenes that never gets portrayed. Being able to offer produce that was grown less than 10 minutes away is not only an amazing feeling, but it also allows us to educate our guests about different farmers and the product they offer. We have so much local goodness in our backyard that we take it for granted. For example, Jared and Ana from Slanted Sun Farms are so charismatic and full of energy. We would bounce ideas of each other and I am so happy to see their Fresh Sheet each week because they really push the bar to offer unique products! Last year they even grew peanuts – who knew!


Eat Local Month Special

It is fun to source local because you can see a dish evolve as it could change every day. Maybe a sweet roasted corn flan with caramel corn for dessert? We’ll have to see – check back in the week of.

Being in Lynden, we are the luckiest restaurant in Whatcom County, we are surrounded by everything. I get local produce for example, tomatoes, mushrooms, salad greens, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, radishes, stone fruit, basil, peppers from less than 10-15 minutes away. We work closely with Cheryl (Cloud Mountain), Jared & Ana (Slanted Sun), Skuter & Amy (Terra Verde), Mike Finger (Cedarville Farms), Alex (Cascadia Mushrooms). I’m also lucky to be surrounded by dairies, I am fortunate enough to get my Milk from Mylon (MyShan), Buttermilk, Yogurt & Kefir from David (Grace Harbor Farms) and our bountiful heavy cream from Larry (Twin Brooks Creamery) its endless. On top of that all of our proteins we use we make a stand to try and be as local as possible right now we are getting Whole Chickens and local quail from Oak Meadow Farms in Ferndale David does great work. Our Salmon comes from Ian and his crew at Lummi Island Wild. All of our pork needs come from Jack Mountain Meats. Don’t stop at cheese, our entire cheese case highlights local cheesemakers; Ferndale Farmstead, Twin Sister’s Creamery, Appel Farms, Gothberg Farms, Acme Valley Foods. We even have a Ten Mile Cheeseboard on our menu which highlights three local creameries that are 10 miles or less from our door step. All in all with the Thursday Famers Markets in Lynden to being surronded by all the goodness Whatcom County has to offer, we are pretty spoiled I hope I didn’t forget anyone!!!


EAT | 1200 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham

EAT is a French American farm to table restaurant that opened last year. Our Chefs source their food from local farms because they don’t know any other way! Our seasonal menus represent the very best every season has to offer in the Pacific Northwest with a French accent, local crafted beer, old and new world wine list (with an emphasis on Washington wines), handcrafted cocktails and live music.

Exemplifying the restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy, we continue to evolve it’s natural back to roots cuisine concept of regionally inspired dishes that are healthy, creative and favorable, utilizing Washington State’s unique and bountiful Coast and “territory”.


Eat Local Month Special

Whatever it is, it will be the best of what’s in season! We’ll update it just as soon as we know.

Goat Mountain Pizza | 211 W Holly St., Bellingham

Owners Charlie and Chas met while living in Belgium’s capital and became close friends, eventually dreaming up a restaurant that would offer hometown fare for other expats. Our new restaurant space, which we opened this year after being in a smaller spot for many years, has been that dream come true.We make Roman style pizza which pairs fantastically with our local brews on tap, organic local salads, or one of our famous chocolate chip cookies.

And, we love local so much we have an in-house aquaponics garden! We also source regularly from local farmers including Da’Vine Aquaponics, Rabbit Fields, Cedarville and more. We’re also working on sourcing all pork from Jack Mountain Meats. We hope to see you in for our Eat Local Month Special!

Eat Local Month Special

If only we knew! Check back in for more details soon.

Good-To-Go Meat Pies | 305 Grover St., Lynden

Good To Go Meat Pies was started over five years ago in Everson, WA featuring handmade classic Cornish Pasties. We love local because it just makes sense! Buying food that is being grown for us within a mile or two ends up supporting our local farmers and our community. To name a few of our favorite farmers…Dusty with Broadleaf Farms, Todd and Michele with Meadow Fed Farms, Skuter and Amy with Terra Verde Farms, Doreen and Pete of Hopewell Farm and the Appel Family for their wonderful cheese! Our pastry just wouldn’t be the same without using Kevin’s flour from Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill. Supporting local – one pasty at a time!

Eat Local Month Special

We’ll have an extra special local pasty for you, start getting excited!

Hundred North | 100 N Commercial St., Bellingham

Hundred North has been open for just over a year. We want the community to know that we source every ingredient with care – 100% organic produce from mostly small local farms, wild sustainable fish caught by our friend Jeremy Brown, and responsibly raised meat from the PNW. We’re also trying to make sure people know that while the food is elegant, we appreciate a casual atmosphere and don’t see ourselves as a fancy restaurant or a special occasion only kind of place – our prices are pretty darn close to many other restaurants downtown.

We love local food because we live in one of the most amazing places in the world for ingredients! Between the bay, the foraged options, and the abundance of local farms, dairies, and so much more you really can’t beat it. We love supporting other local businesses that care as much about our local options and ingredients as we do.

Eat Local Month Special

Essentially we do this every week and use close to 100% local, so no sweat. Check back in soon!

We buy a lot of produce from Wild Rose Farm and Cloud Mountain Farm. We also love browsing and purchasing items from the local farmers market!

Keenan’s at the Pier | 804 10th St, Bellingham

Casual yet elegant, Keenan’s at the Pier features fresh local Northwest cuisine and a full bar. Our Executive Chef and his culinary staff are passionate about highlighting the beauty and style of the Pacific Northwest. Head out for Eat Local Month to enjoy our all local special and panoramic views of Bellingham Bay and the islands!

Eat Local Month Special

Essentially we do this every week and use lots of local, so no sweat. Check back in soon!


Lovitt | 1114 Harris Ave., Bellingham

We have lived in Bellingham for a year and our restaurant has been open 6 months. We moved to Bellingham to open this restaurant and raise our family – the schools, activities, scenery, people, the variety of local food were all reasons we moved here. We are so happy to a part of this community that values good food!

We have been proponents of local food for the 15 years we have run Lovitt (previously located on the East side of the state!). While the politics of local food fits right into our frame of thinking I believe it is the taste that makes us so dedicated to local food. We are foodies and local fresh food always has the best flavor. We tell our customers that when you start with the best ingredients you don’t have to be a genius to make them taste good.


Eat Local Month Special

We are offering a specially curated 5 course tasting menu during restaurant week:

  • Morel, Samish bay fresh cheese, and leek with sour dough cracker
  • Cloud Mountain Beefsteak tomato soup
  • Salad: Pickled Walla Walla sweet onions, gravenstein apple, Appel Farms cheddar, Joe’s Garden greens, honey balsamic dressing;
  • Braised beef short ribs, onion plum sauce, mashed Rabbit Fields potatoes and green beans
  • Melon chili coconut sorbet, toasted coconut, candied lime

Northwater | 4260 Mitchell Way, Bellingham

We have had the pleasure of serving Bellingham & Whatcom County since March 28th, 2017. We strive to support local business as much as possible. We set our standards high for service, dining, and cocktails and we live by the motto eat, drink, and experience!

We love local food for many reasons. Supporting the local community is first on our list. The products they provide are the freshest, which leads to the best flavors. The least amount of travel it takes for the food to get to your plate the better!

We also have an in house Going Green Initiative to reduce our overall impact on the environment. This includes, but isn’t limited to: food waste buckets that go back to local pork & chicken vendors as well as switching to utilizing straws by request only.



Eat Local Month Special

The specials for the restaurant week are still being created. We’ll have that for you when you check back

We support the Puget Sound Food Hub, Lummi Island Wild, Nerca Seafood, Tenfold Farms, Twin Brooks Creamery, Da’vine Aquaponics and Spotted Owl Farms which is owned and operated by one of our Hotel front desk personnel!

Old Town Cafe | 316 W Holly St., Bellingham

The Old Town Cafe is a special place for many people, both customers and workers. The people who work here are a team. Many perform all the jobs from dishwasher and cook, to waitperson and manager! We use as many natural, local and organic products as possible and practical. Most items on our menu are made in our kitchen and all of our pastries are made here, many with whole wheat flour and unrefined sweeteners.


Eat Local Month Special

Sourcing local is a snap, we’ll have the special planned out soon!

We Purchase much of our food from small local or regional stores, such as: Great Harvest Bread Company, Hempler’s Meats, the Community Food Coop, the Fairhaven Cooperative Flour Mill, La Mexicana Tortillas, Mountain Mushroom Farm, the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, Dairy Distributing, Hi Q Enterprises, Glory Bees, Happy Valley Sprouts, Wildcatch, Inc., the Breadfarm, Guilmette’s Busy Bees,
Ralph’s Greenhouse, DEVine Gardens, Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy, Leah’s Gluten-Free Bakery, Wild Pacific Seafoods, Flying Bird Botanicals, Barbie’s Berries, and Allison’s Blueberry Farm.

Pizzazza | 2418 Alabama St. & 1501 12th St., Bellingham

We’ve owned Pizzazza since 2006 and since day one our mission is to sustainably nourish our community by providing delicious, locally sourced food in a fun and innovative environment. It’s important to us to build connections with our customers, our staff, our local growers and producers and our community as a whole. We love sourcing local so much so that 85% of our ingredients come from local food producers. All of our pizza cheese comes from Ferndale Farmstead – that’s 30,000 pounds of cheese a year! Most of their flour is from Fairhaven Flour Mill, and all meat comes from local producers, like Osprey Hill Farm, with all animals having been raised on pasture. Our purchases amount to over $250,000 a year in sales for our local farming community! We truly believe in supporting the community we are a part of.

We hope you come in to enjoy some good pizza (and more!) made with some seriously delicious ingredients.


Eat Local Month Special

We are planning a pretty delicious Eat Local Month Special, but it’s top secret. We’ll let the world know soon!

Here’s a list of some of the farms and food businesses they we work with: Sage and Sky, Chubby Bunny Farm, Skagit River Ranch, Osprey Hill Farm, Misty Meadows Farm, Breadfarm, Matheson Farms, Wild Pacific Seafood, Cloud Mountain Farm, Jack Mountain Meats, Fairhaven Flour Mill, Avenue Bread, Holmquist Hazelnuts, Ralph’s Greenhouse, Tahoma Farms, Broadleaf Farms, Hopewell Farm, Rabbit Fields Farm, and Sumas River Farm.

Pepper Sisters | 1055 N State St., Bellingham

Pepper Sisters has been serving freshly-made southwest (New Mexican) cuisine to the Bellingham community since 1988 (30 years next year!) Everything we serve is made from scratch and cooked with love, and we are fortunate to have many loyal customers who keep coming back for more. We appreciate our community and hope to keep it cooking for 30 more years!

We feel lucky to live in an area rife with local food producers, folks we support because they are part of the community, just like we are, and it feels right to support each other for mutual success. And – local food just tastes better!  We can be more confident in the quality when we know where it came from.

Eat Local Month Special

We are planning to feature a grilled salmon special, courtesy of Jeremy Brown, served with a stone fruit serrano salsa, lemon mint potato salad, Joe’s corn, and tossed greens.

We buy from Fairhaven Flour Mill, Draper Valley Chicken, Joe’s Gardens produce, La Mexicana tortillas, Jeremy Brown “Fresh Wild Fish” seafood, Kombucha Town, and too many local breweries to count!

Pure Bliss Desserts | 1424 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham

Pure Bliss has been around for almost 10 years! Our storefront, located proudly on Cornwall Avenue, will be celebrating its 7th anniversary in late October. We absolutely LOVE being a part of our downtown core and believe we live in the very best community possible. love how our community’s investment in small businesses shines through their willingness to share fun experiences with their family, friends, and acquaintances.

We think local food (and beverages) is (are) the BEST!!! It not only tastes better, it feels so good to connect with the growers and learn their story. Growing, harvesting and processing food isn’t easy and having the chance to connect with local farmers brings the community closer together and reinforces the reasons why we support one another.


Eat Local Month Special

Comming off a summer chalked full of berries (250+ pounds of berries actually), we are excited to settle into chocolaty decadence by featuring a Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse (Edaleen milk, Edaleen heavy whipping cream, and Holmquist Hazelnuts), as well as a Zucchini Pistachio Lime Loaf with Lime Cream cheese Frosting (Joes Garden, Day Creek Organic Farms, Edaleen Dairy).

We love to support as many local producers as possible! In addition to the growers above we buy from Day Creek Organic Farms, Hopefield Farm, Boxx Berry Farm, Barbies Berries, Joes Garden, Edaleen Dairy, Samson Estates, Flying Bird Botanicals, Moka Joes, Honey Moon Mead & Cider, Boundary Bay, Kulshan Brewery, Wander Brewery, Dairy Distributing, Dairy Valley Distributing, Holmquist Hazelnuts