Calling all coffee adventurers and Sasquatch enthusiasts! There have been reports of Sasquatch sightings at numerous coffee shops around town. Experts agree that Sasquatch is a coffee fanatic. So, grab your mugs and join us as we embark on a Sasquatch-inspired Coffee Crawl. We’ll search for the perfect cup of joe while keeping an eye out for a glimpse of the elusive latte lover. 

Start your adventure at the Colophon Café in Downtown Fairhaven. Grab a Sasquatch-sized Irish coffee and listen to tales from locals who claim to have spotted the creature lurking amidst the coffee beans.

Next, head over to Evolve Chocolate + Café, located just next door above Village Books, and indulge in a rich chocolate treat paired with a bold espresso for a palate cleanser. Afterward, take a short stroll to Avenue Bread in Fairhaven, known for serving one of Sasquatch’s favorite meals – a veggie sandwich accompanied by an iced latte. 

Sasquatch has been known to indulge in Harris Café‘s signature Mexi Mocha. It might be worth popping in for a sip to see if it leads to another clue about the Sasquatch’s whereabouts. 

According to witnesses, Sasquatch has been spotted heading north up the Interurban towards downtown Bellingham. Legends say that he frequents Otherside Bagels off of State Street. While searching for clues, it’s the perfect opportunity to sample their excellent coffee blends and enjoy a delicious bagel sandwich. 

After satisfying your hunger with a bodacious bagel, it’s time to choose your next caffeine-fueled destination. Head to Neko Cat Café and enjoy a Sasquatch-inspired brew while surrounded by adorable feline friends, creating purrfect memories along the way. Alternatively, you can venture northeast towards the new Hammerhead Coffee shop. Sasquatch is known for supporting new businesses. 

New reports claim that Sasquatch has been sighted at Old Town Café. It’s the perfect time to grab an iced peppermint tea and perhaps investigate for any additional clues. While in the area, don’t forget to pop your head into the Bagelry for a potential lead.

Now, it’s time for another coffee! Depending on your taste preferences, you can head down Holly Street towards Camber and enjoy a refreshing cold brew in their creative space. Alternatively, you can visit Bar Cicotti and check out the Whatcom Museum next door, one of Sasquatch’s favorite Bellingham pastimes. 

As the sun begins to wane and evening sets in, Sasquatch generally begins his journey back into the mountains. But before he does, he always stops at one of the few shops outside of town to take some beans home with him. Bellingham Coffee Roasters, The Beach Store Café, Loca Mocha, or Wake N’ Bakery are your best bets for one last Sasquatch sighting before he disappears into the Cascades—at least until his next caffeine fix. 

Join us on this epic coffee crawl as we follow Sasquatch’s trail, savoring delicious brews and exploring Bellingham’s vibrant coffee scene. Don’t forget your curiosity and love for coffee as we embark on this mythical and caffeinated adventure! 

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