Good Things Come In…

By Maressa Valliant

November 2019

Finish this sentence: Good Things come in ___________. Maybe your mind went with: “small packages”, “pairs”, or “threes”. Regardless, in the case of this local business, all of you are correct, AND we’d like to add another adage – “Good things come in BOWLS!”  I mean, I didn’t really plan to have this be a word association game, but, why not! Think about it; bowls of ice cream, cherries, chili, and in Santa’s case, Jelly?

However, unlike that tempting bowl of Jolly Ranchers on the counter at the tire shop, Guud Bowls is serving up bowls full of nutrient dense, flavorful, and satisfying meals right to your door. The duo behind Guud Bowls (trio if you count their sweet pup, Gumbo) is Meredith & Duncan. Between the two of them, they collectively have over two decades in the food service industry.

Meredith began scooping ice cream during her high school years in Northampton Massachusetts, and has been either serving or making food ever since. She has worked in many different food establishments in Colorado Springs, Berkley CA, Seattle & now Bellingham.  “For me, starting a business was about being able to cook food the way I enjoy to and share it in a different way. I’ve always been an independent type of person and starting a new venture just felt like it was the path I should go.” This busy entrepreneur still works a couple nights a week serving at Anthony’s Harborside.

Guud Bowls Harvest Bowl

Duncan’s resume includes a wide array of different local eateries, and he remarks that, “I truly enjoy hospitality and making people happy through food, drink & service.  My entire career has been doing it for other people in specific rooms.  With Guud Bowls, it is a chance to do our own thing in a unique way.”

Guud Bowls has an array of fresh flavors, always Gluten Free!

Are you salivating yet? Of course you are! these bowls are full of color, flavor, and variety. But what is the same about every item on their menu is that they are ALL Gluten Free. Yes, you heard that right. No Gluten. Not even in their most popular dish, the sweet potato mac’n’cheese. Meredith and Duncan are passionate about quality, and want to make it easy for folks to enjoy healthy, delicious food anytime, anywhere in Whatcom County. That’s why they have worked diligently to perfect their recipes, and deliver COLD food – ready to heat, when you are ready to eat.

They make it easy to order, whether you are planning your meals for next week, or you just forgot your lunch and can’t get away – they can deliver same day.  You’ll probably notice the Guud Bowls van cruising around the county, making people happy from Happy Valley homes all the way to Blaine Schools (teachers love to treat themselves to some Guud Bowls, too!). They’ve been in business for just over a year, and have had to expand their operation from just 3 days a week at first, to now, 5 days a week. “I grew up in Ferndale, went to Seattle & we moved back here in 2015.  The local support has been amazing and overwhelming.” says Duncan, whose friendly smile you’ll see at your door when you place an order. He’ll show up in the Guud van, in his Chef apron… because like most business owners – He and Meredith are doing All the things!

Single Serve bowls are their jam, but, you can also order a family sized tray, and kids’ meals – complete with eggless cookie dough for your little baker’s sweet tooth! Check out their #YouHeatYouEat menu, and get yourself a bowl (or three) of goodness.

Guud Bowls

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