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Support your local community and help reduce waste by choosing to repair rather than replace items. Find local repair businesses to extend the life of our everyday items. Whether your favorite puffy jacket has a hole in it, your knives need sharpening, or need an appliance repair, these businesses are here to help!  Need some inspiration? Read our blog, Rethinking Repair.

Member businesses

Earl's Bike Shop

Earl’s Bike Shop

Repairs: Bikes
Address: 2827 Meridian St., Bellingham
Phone: (360) 746-2401

Locally owned and operated in Bellingham, Washington, since 2010, owners Craig Earl and Staci May have been “doing whatever it takes” to get you back on your two (and sometimes three) wheels! Earl’s Bike Shop is a full-service repair facility, working on everything from full suspension downhill to the odd golf cart!

In addition to their repair services, they sell consignment bikes and new bikes and offer different bike lines. Looking for a DIY bike project? Check out their accessories and parts lining the store walls! Whether you need a flat repaired or a full upgrade, Earl’s Bike Shop has all the experience and parts you need. Need parts but don’t have a bike rack on your car? Earl’s Bike Shop has your back. With their new delivery van, they offer bike pick-up and drop-off too!



Repairs: Computers phones, and other devices
Address: 1305 Commercial St, STE 2E, Bellingham

FiXCO was started by Mitch Kramer in August 2012 with a simple mission: to provide top-notch computer and phone repair services to the people of Washington.  Since then, we have become the premier destination for all types of device repairs in the area, with a loyal customer base that keeps coming back to us for our reliable service and expertise. We are proud to follow strict business ethics and maintain a high level of integrity in everything we do. We believe that doing the right thing is always the best policy, and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, reliability, and transparency

Gear Aid Inc


Repairs: Outdoor Gear, Clothes and More
Phone: (360) 671-2227

When your gear shows wear, it shows love. Whether you’re camping, fishing or hunting, you encounter times where you need to fix your gear. GEAR AID teaches people how to keep their well-loved and expensive gear in like-new condition, ensuring increased performance, saving you money, and consuming less in the process. Their products maximize the use of every piece of gear through repair, so your favorite items last longer. If you’re using one of their lights, camouflage wraps, or a tube of glue, you’ll get the best performance on the market. That is one of their top priorities and a commitment to serving the next generation.

Whether your adventure is climbing a mountain, diving the deep blue sea, fishing in the rain, or camping in your backyard, GEAR AID has the best repair toolbox to keep you doing what you love. Visit their online store today!

Phenix Threads

Phenix Threads

Repairs: Clothes
Address: 2107 Queen Street Bellingham, WA

Welcome to Phenix Threads, where outdoor gear gets a second chance at adventure! We’re your one-stop destination for expert repairs and maintenance of outdoor equipment, textiles, and zippers. Our mission is to keep your gear performing at its best, ensuring it stays out of landfills and in the great outdoors where it belongs. Explore our services today and join us in our commitment to sustainable outdoor living. We repair and alter clothing and outdoor gear, as well as offering custom designs.

Sandy & Vale’s Shoe Repair

Sandy and Vale’s Shoe Repair

Repairs: Shoes
Address: 1333 Railroad Ave Bellingham
Phone: (360) 647-1274

Serving downtown Bellingham and the surrounding counties for over 70 years. Sustainability had been a focus of ours for decades. Breathing new life into loved leather goods instead of sending them to the landfill.

Repairing and giving new life to boots, dress shoes, heels, sandals, purses, belts and more is an absolute specialty of ours. Visit Sandy & Vales in downtown Bellingham and witness the art of shoe repair firsthand. While you’re there, be sure to treat yourself to a peek at his handmade line of leather goods that will last a lifetime. Open Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm.

The RE Store

The RE Store

Repairs: Household Projects and More
Address: 2309 Meridian St., Bellingham
Phone: (360) 647-5921

The RE Store is a non-profit program within RE Sources and diverts over 3 million pounds of reusable materials each year from the landfill. They offer underserved individuals with on-the-job training opportunities and aim to build a culture of reuse and repair in our community. Their retail location features salvaged and reclaimed building materials, vintage decor, and a facility to receive lightly used donated items. You’ll find their Revision Division gallery, full of upcycled and value-added furniture and furnishings made from materials sourced directly from their inventory.

The RE Store has a Salvage Crew that does free pickups in the community as well as paid salvage and deconstruction work, extracting cabinets, doors, trim, etc., from homes along with picking apart entire structures, piece by piece. From start to finish, this is the best place to search for your repair needs and demolition dreams.

More great businesses

Barrett Lizza Design

Repairs: Antiques and More
Address: 905 Harris Avenue, Suite 101, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 410-6085
Do you have a rare repair and have searched everywhere? Look no more. Barrett Lizza Design has seen it all! Barrett is a man of mystery and offers historic and artistic restoration. Swing by his shop in Fairhaven!

Bellingham Makerspace

Repairs: Clothes and More
Address: 1 Bellis Fair Parkway #618, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 812-7287
Located in the Bellis Fair Mall, this creative space is a meeting grounds for volunteer-run workshops that expand into the repair world. Discover a new skill and check out their repair workshops!

Brian’s Renewed Laundry Appliances

Repairs: Washers, Dryers and More
Address: 1410 Iowa St Suite 101, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 739-2752
Broken washer and dryer? Brian’s Renewed is here to turn the dirty work into clean work with his repair services. He always says “[we] repair what can be and recycle the rest!”

Cascade Mobile Bike Service

Repairs: Bikes
Phone: 360-594-2656
Whether you need your electric-powered bike repaired or heavy-duty tune-up, Cascadia Mobile Bike Service will come to your door to offer their multifaceted services.

Eyes on Fremont

Repairs: Glasses
Address: 1303 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 594-5690
Eyes on Fremont will repair, repurpose, and give new life to your pair of glasses, whether they came straight from the display case or have been passed down through generations.

Left Eye Textiles

Repairs: Clothes
Reducing waste one reusable item at a time, Left Eye Textiles offers repairs and upcycles fabrics for your everyday use. Visit their Instagram to learn more.

Madrona Wear

Repairs: Outdoor Gear, Clothes
Address: 1321 King St. Ste #1 Bellingham
Phone: 406-581-8149
Another hole in your favorite sweater? Madrona Wear offers repairs and alters clothing to save resources from going to the landfill. Find them at repair fairs or visit their shop in person!

Molly’s Sewing Machine

Repairs: Sewing Machines
Address: 301 West Holly St M-6, Bellingham
Phone: 360-224-5218
Molly Chambers and Lisa Schessler have women-owned businesses that share a workshop and provide sewing machine maintenance and repair services. They not only clean, oil, lubricate and adjust sewing machines, they also believe in giving sewists the knowledge for the use and care of their machine. Each machine kept in working condition is one less machine that ends up in the landfill.

Northwest Free Repairs

Repairs: Clothes and More
Located in the Bellis Fair Mall and Bellingham Public Library
Phone: 360-684-4124
Northwest Free Repairs is a group of volunteers dedicated to conserving the earth’s resources and decreasing the burden on our overtaxed landfill areas by repairing and rehabilitating broken household items that would otherwise be discarded.

Quality Sewing and Vacuum

Repairs: Sewing Machines, Vacuums, and More
Address: 1115 E. Sunset Drive Suite 110
Phone: 360-738-8995
Whether you need your sewing machine or household vacuum or your carpet cleaner restored back to life, Quality Sewing and Vacuum has you covered. Book an appointment today!


Repairs: Clothes and More
Address: 1421 N. Forest St., Bellingham
Phone: (360) 738-6977
Since 2014, Ragfinery has diverted 1,032,472 pounds of textiles from the landfill. They sell fabrics, yarn, sewing notions, quilting materials, vintage patterns, handmade upcycled goods and teaches skill-based classes so you can DIY repair your favorite attire.

Rainbow Lee Vintage

Repairs: Clothes
With the intention of keeping clothes out of the landfill, Rainbow Lee Vintage offers donation-based repairs on clothing and sells upcycled items at Penny Lane Antique Mall. Visit their Instagram to learn more.

Rector’s Vacuum Shop

Repairs: Vacuums
Address: 2731 Meridian St, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 733-5792
Rector’s Vacuum Shop is a family-owned vacuum business that has been a staple in Bellingham since 1943 and offers vacuum repair to extend the life of your everyday cleaning machine.

Sew Darned Knotty

Repairs: Clothes
Looking for creative ways to repair your clothes? Check out Sew Darned Knotty and receive an intricate mend or stitch! Visit their Instagram to learn more.

Shoe Stop Shop

Repairs: Shoes
Address: 1 Bellis Fair Pkwy Ste 600, Bellingham
Phone: 360-647-5205
For over 25 years, this locally owned shoe repair shop has been proudly serving Whatcom County. Book an appointment with their amazing team today!

The HUB Community Bike Shop

Repairs: Bikes
Address: 1320 Commercial Street, Bellingham
Phone: (360) 255-2072
The HUB offers a community bike repair space for the DIY-minded, a selection of affordable new and used parts for sale, and they offer bike-building education for all.

TunaBird Bikes

Repairs: Bikes
TunaBird Bikes mobile shop offers fast and reliable bike repair services catered to you through their professional mobile bike repair shop, offering repairs from brake bleeds to major overhauls!

The Little Refinery

Repairs: Jewelry
Email: thelittlerefinery@gmail.com
The Little Refinery offers minimal handmade and permanent jewelry and offers jewelry repairs. Whether your jewelry came from them, or you have a favorite piece that needs repair, they are quick to help problem solve your repair needs. Visit their website to learn when their next pop-up shop is available!

Whatcom Edge Sharpening Service

Repairs: Knives, Scissors, Garden Tools and More
Phone: (360) 562-8999
Give your tools new life through Whatcom Edge and their mobile services. They serve all of Whatcom County and have experience sharpening knives, scissors, hair shears, garden tools, and much more.

Your Local Plant Mama

Repairs: Plants
Emma Schumacher is a local plant expert and available to share her plant triage and repair wisdom to extend the life of your green loved ones.

Zach’s Bike Repair

Repairs: Bikes 
Phone: (412) 313-3764
Want to give your bike extra love through repair? Call Zach to receive a general tune-up or deep clean with service rates starting as low as $50!

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