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Promoting Community Well-Being with New Winter Wellness Guide

Bellingham, WA, Jan 17, 2024 – Sustainable Connections, a leading advocate for local businesses is excited to announce the release of their new Winter Wellness Guide. This comprehensive guide aims to inspire and empower individuals to support local businesses during the winter months while fostering a sense of community connection.

While it’s tempting to wish the dark season away, it can be a potent time to tend to our wellness – as individuals and as a community. “Self-care” is a term that’s been thrown around quite a bit, and while it can be easy to dismiss it as frivolous, self- and community care can be a powerful tool for transformation during the winter.

The guide features local fitness centers, senior centers, healthcare facilities, mind-body meditation coaching, spas, physical therapy, financial health services, and more. It also provides tools to find local food, assistance for creating a healthy environment in your home, and other suggestions for how to create a healthy planet.

As a community-driven organization, Sustainable Connections believes that fostering connections is important for a regenerative local economy. The Winter Wellness Guide reflects their commitment to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for individuals and communities alike.

“We are thrilled to launch the Winter Wellness Guide as a tool to inspire and guide our community towards wellness during the winter season,” said Amy Vergillo, Communications Director at Sustainable Connections. “By making conscious choices and supporting local businesses, we can collectively contribute to a more resilient and vibrant community.”

The Winter Wellness Guide is now available for free on the Sustainable Connections website at and in print at featured businesses and the Cascadia Daily. Join Sustainable Connections in embracing a winter season filled with well-being and community spirit.


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