Smart Business Leadership Series

Sustainable Connections and the Community Food Co-op are proud to partner to bring our community a special 2019 business workshop series that will explore the quadruple bottom line of sustainability in an environment that fosters new connections, creates space for one on one support, and enables attending businesses to set, measure, and report out on the sustainable practices that work for them. Local experts will share knowledge and strategies for how to set SMART goals for the focus areas of people, planet, profit and purpose that will lead better overall business performance. 

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Economic Sustainability: Profit

Wednesday, November 13th
11:30am – 1:15pm
Community Food Co-op
Healthy Connections Classroom, 405 E Holly St, Bellingham

Join us for the final session of our Smart Business Leadership series as we explore why Profit is the one of the most important business aspects to address in order to achieve your sustainability goals. Sherri Daymon from the Small Business Development Center will share her expertise and research why a profitable business has the best chance of being a sustainable business. In addition to her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Washington SBDC Advisor Certification, Sherri is a Certified GrowthWheel Advisor, who has a specialized interest in working with business owners serious about making decisions and taking action to grow their company. Sherri has a passion for planning, thinking through “what-if” scenarios, bridging strategic alliances, and developing the strengths in others. She also believes that creating a dynamic and fun working environment contributes to successful and sustainable businesses! To get the most out of this session attendees are encouraged to bring a current copy of their Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet.  To close out the session we use these financial statements to set SMART goals to help your business be profitable and sustainable for the long term.

Previous workshops:

Series Launch!
Smart Business Summit

Thursday, March 28th
Pioneer Pavillion Park, Ferndale

Explore the 4th leg of sustainability: Purpose. We will explore trends, research and best practices around sustainability of your largest asset, people. 

Social Sustainability: People

Wednesday, June 19th
11:30am – 12:45pm
Community Food Co-op
Connections Classroom, 405 E Holly St, Bellingham

How to integrate social sustainability into your operations from making sure retirement accounts are socially responsible investments to starting a company volunteerism program. 

Environmental Sustainability: Planet

Wednesday, September 18th
11:30am – 12:45pm
Community Food Co-op
Connections Classroom, 405 E Holly St, Bellingham

Learn how to measure and track organizational sustainability practices. Measurement is a key component for how to successfully integrate environmental sustainability into your operations. Learn tips and tricks for how to capture data, make sense of it all, report out, and ultimately save time and money for your business. Co-op Sustainability Coordinator and local sustainability expert, Melissa Elkins, will lead the session.

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