Whatcom County Farm Tour

We are proud to announce the return of the Whatcom County Farm Tour on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM! Each of the 11 locations offers a unique opportunity to meet the folks who grow and raise our food and learn more about how that food makes it from the farm to our plate. This self-guided event is FREE for all ages!

Places to Stay

Use "Eatlocal" at the following hotels when you book your stay: Hampton Inn Bellingham Airport, Home2Suites, and Semiahmoo Resort.

Farm Tour Participant Details

All About Alluvial Farms

Alluvial Farms is a 45 acre first generation family farm specializing in hogs, hemp, and house wine. We have been in business since 2015 and on this land since February 2018. Our mission is to provide high quality pork, hemp based self care products, and grapes to the Puget Sound community. Our vision is one of ecological stewardship and resilient local food sheds. 

Visit Alluvial Farms for: a self-guided tour, information from the Whatcom Conservation District, Waffles in Paradise (PM), on-farm sales

Address: 6825 Goodwin Rd, Everson

All About Christ the King Foodshare and Farm

The CTK Food Share and Farm uses a team of faithful volunteers to manage several acres of donated farmland and greenhouses to provide fresh produce to 26 different food organizations throughout Whatcom County. Beginning in 2007 with a small group of volunteers tending raised beds, we’ve grown to over 700 volunteers donating 6,300+ hours a year to donate over 115,000 lbs. of produce last year to local food banks and meal programs. We also collect food from local businesses and community members and distribute that where it is needed. We are always looking for gaps to fill in the food safety net and ways to come alongside organizations in Whatcom County to increase access to food for our friends, neighbors and community. For more information or to volunteer check out ctkserves.org/farmteam. 




Visit Christ the King Foodshare and Farm for: kids’ potting and planting activities, guided tours, pictures with the tractor 

Address: 6069 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham

All About Cloud Mountain Farm Center

Cloud Mountain Farm Center is an educational farm in Everson, WA dedicated to building a resilient and diversified food system. Our own on-farm production specializes in regionally adapted tree and vine fruit; we model organic orchard and vineyard management on our home farm, sharing the expertise, challenge, and joy of Western Washington fruit production from home scale to farm scale. We host on-farm events and workshops throughout the year to connect growers and eaters with all that can be grown in our beautiful county and operate a seasonal retail nursery stocked with regionally adapted edible plants, unique fruit trees, and a diverse collection of specialty ornamentals that thrive in our climate. 




Visit Cloud Mountain Farm Center for: self-guided orchard and farm tours; family friendly learning loops through orchards and vineyards, fruit sales, fall nursery sales & open hours for fall planting consultations with CMFC nursery staff (a great time to plant berries, trees, and ornamentals!)

Address: 6906 Goodwin Rd, Everson

All About FarmWild

Whatcom County has many sustainable farms owned and operated by real people wanting to do best for their community and for the planet. All of the fresh produce and fresh ingredients served and eaten in Whatcom County should be raised on one of these farms. Every person who eats food and every restaurant that serves food can help improve our corner of the world by buying locally from an one of the many awesome producers in Whatcom County, Like the other small sustainable farms in our region, at FarmWild, we care about the environment, people’s health and happiness, and the quality of the food we produce. We do our best to make the world a better place in everything we do. We hope you will do the same. 


Visit FarmWild for: a tour of the aquaponic facility, harvest some of your own veggies, Waffles in Paradise (AM) 

Address: 1779 E Smith Rd, Bellingham

All About Flynn Farms

AAPI-Woman-Veteran owned Certified Organic Vegetable, Melon & Popcorn farm in Everson, WA. Farming for Whatcom County & King County. 

Visit Flynn Farms for: guided tours, seed starting area, on-farm sales

Address: 5971 Lawrence Rd, Everson

All About Lydia's Flock Icelandic and Shetland Sheep

The Farm of Lydia’s Flock is located in the Squalicum Valley of NW Washington, 8 miles east of downtown Bellingham. We pasture raise our flock of registered Icelandic and Shetland sheep using regenerative agricultural methods focusing on happy sheep and healthy soil in the production of pastured lamb, registered breeding stock, raw fleeces, single source small batch yarn and finished fiber goods. We offer beginning and ongoing shepherding education, mentorship and consulting for those who are interested in raising sheep utilizing pasture based management practices. Pastured eggs from our flock of 40 laying hens are available for purchase on-farm, with advance purchase options available through our website. 



Visit Lydia’s Flock for: a guided tour, a fleece display, on-farm sales  

Address: 4269 Y Rd, Bellingham

All About Matheson Farms

Matheson Farms raises local grass-finished beef and yak that are produced using humane and Holistic Management principles. We sell by the piece, 1/4, 1/2, or whole. We don’t use growth hormones or feed antibiotics. We work by appointment or during farm stand hours. The farmstand is year-round Saturdays from noon-3pm – barring extreme weather. Call or email to check hours, and availability, or to place an order. We also raise eggs from organically fed and pastured laying hens. 




Visit Matheson Farms for: viewing yaks, an informational yak display, on-farm sales 

Address: 228 East Smith Road, Bellingham

All About NW WA Fair & Farming for Life Experience

The Northwest Washington Fair is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in which hosts the annual Fair in August, the largest family friendly event in the county! Part of our mission is to promote an appreciation for our agricultural heritage, provide education about the role agriculture plays in life today while providing youth with a hands-on experience. This is now represented year-round in our newest addition to the fairgrounds: the Farming For Life Experience, a hands-on interactive museum to learn about farming in Northwest Washington. 





Visit the Farming for Life Experience for: touring the exhibits that tell the story of agriculture in Whatcom County 

Address: 1775 Front St, Lynden

All About Small Acres Farm

Small Acres is certified organic, and we strive to be as ecologically responsible as possible. We produce a diverse array of vegetables, fruit, fermented products, eggs, and luffa sponges! Our products can be found at the Twin Sisters Market, Birchwood Market, online orders, and our CSA membership. 




Visit Small Acres for: a renewable energy-powered farm, guided tours on the hour, baked goods from Icing on the Cake, on-farm veggie sales

Address: 3811 Hatley Rd, Everson

All About Widnor Farms

Nestled in the pastures of Whatcom County, Widnor Farm‘s former city dwelling family set out to restore a 1916 farm. We wanted to know what was exactly in our food on our families plates & realized that others were craving the same transparency. In an effort to bridge the gap between farm & consumer, our farm strives to be 100% transparent with our customers and offer them a close up and in person account of our methods here. We raise our animals using organically minded practices and place an emphasis on on animals being truly pasture raised on our grasses in the Pacific Northwest.


Visit Widnor Farms for: information about rotational grazing, viewing animals in the barn, on-farm sales available.

Address: 1858 W Badger Road, Custer

All About Wright Brothers Farm

We grow consistent with organic principles as we work toward certification on property that has been in our family for more than 100 years. We are proud to be growing on the same property on which our uncles Loren and Ed Bailey founded Evergreen Station as one of Whatcom County’s first organic farms nearly 50 years ago. We are guided by the philosophy that we are stewards of the earth, growing a diverse array of vegetables and herbs in a sustainable way, consistent with organic principles, enhancing and building the soil. We focus on growing great tasting vegetables and herbs. 


Visit Wright Brothers Farm for: a guided tour that takes you through the production houses, fields, and provides a family history of the farm property 

Address: 6785 Enterprise Rd, Ferndale

Places to Stay

Use "Eatlocal" at the following hotels when you book your stay: Hampton Inn Bellingham Airport, Home2Suites, and Semiahmoo Resort.

All farms will be working Toward Zero Waste during the Whatcom County Farm Tour. Please look for recycling, composting, and landfill receptacles for proper disposal of your trash.

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