Whatcom County Farm Tour

We are proud to announce the return of the Whatcom County Farm Tour on Saturday, September 16th, 2023 from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM! Each of the locations will offer a unique opportunity to meet the folks who grow and raise our food and learn more about how that food makes it from the farm to our plate. This self-guided event is FREE for all ages!

Farm Tour Participant Details

All About Alluvial Farms

Alluvial Farms is a 45 acre first generation family farm specializing in hogs, hemp, and house wine. We have been in business since 2015 and on this land since February 2018. Our mission is to provide high quality pork, hemp based self care products, and grapes to the Puget Sound community. Our vision is one of ecological stewardship and resilient local food sheds. 

Visit Alluvial Farms for: Nothing beats happy pigs – come meet them and see for yourself! Learn how Alluvial Farms puts sustainable principles into action on our 48-acre farm to produce pastured pork, wellness products, and pork-based pet treats. Wander out to the farmer in the field to hear more about our regenerative practices, then visit the farm shop to purchase your favorite products.  

Address: 6825 Goodwin Rd, Everson

All About Barmann Cellars

Sitting nestled on a solar powered farm, Barmann Cellars is a small, family owned business on the ancestral homelands of the Nooksack Tribe in the Pacific Northwest. The vineyard & orchard are located on the southern slope of Sumas Mountain in the Puget Sound AVA. The farm is home to some of Whatcom County’s oldest grape vines and fruit trees. Farming practices are inspired by biodynamic and regenerative principles which aim to build soil and foster plant health in a sustainable and ecologically conscious manner. Estate grown and locally sourced fruit inputs are used for fermentation, and wines and ciders are blended and bottled with care, by hand.

Visit Barmann Cellars for: Take a stroll with us through our property that boasts a 30+ year-old Pinot Noir vineyard, kiwi arbor, and fruit tree orchard. Hear about our regenerative farming approach and learn about low-intervention wine and cider making rooted in old world style and techniques. Meet our friends from NSEA and discover the benefits of our collaborative stream restoration project. Then tour the winery and sample the fruits of our labor!

Address: 5560 Hillard Rd, Everson, WA 98247

All About Christ the King Foodshare and Farm

The CTK Food Share and Farm uses a team of faithful volunteers to manage several acres of donated farmland and greenhouses to provide fresh produce to 26 different food organizations throughout Whatcom County. Beginning in 2007 with a small group of volunteers tending raised beds, we’ve grown to over 700 volunteers donating 6,300+ hours a year to donate over 115,000 lbs. of produce last year to local food banks and meal programs. We also collect food from local businesses and community members and distribute that where it is needed. We are always looking for gaps to fill in the food safety net and ways to come alongside organizations in Whatcom County to increase access to food for our friends, neighbors and community. For more information or to volunteer check out ctkserves.org/farmteam. 




Visit Christ the King Foodshare and Farm for: Come explore the CTK Foodshare and Farm which exists to support the local food banks and food systems! You heard that right, all 90,000 lbs of food we grew last year was given away to 26 different organizations all throughout Whatcom County. Come check out our “Tomato Jungle” greenhouse, our almost 4 acres full of vegetables, and enjoy our beautiful view of Mt. Baker. We will have a project for the kids, hotdogs and chips, and tours done by our volunteers! There will also be an opportunity to learn about some of our local partners and food insecurity in Whatcom County. Hope to see you there!  

Address: 6069 Hannegan Rd, Bellingham

All About Cloud Mountain Farm Center
Cloud Mountain Farm Center is an educational farm in Everson, WA dedicated to building a resilient and diversified food system. Our own on-farm production specializes in regionally adapted tree and vine fruit; we model organic orchard and vineyard management on our home farm, sharing the expertise, challenge, and joy of Western Washington fruit production from home scale to farm scale. We host on-farm events and workshops throughout the year to connect growers and eaters with all that can be grown in our beautiful county and operate a seasonal retail nursery stocked with regionally adapted edible plants, unique fruit trees, and a diverse collection of specialty ornamentals that thrive in our climate. We support land access and new farm development through our incubator farm program, offer cooler and dry storage space for local growers and aggregation for Twin Sisters Farmers Market and the Puget Sound Food Hub, and have a rentable WSDA certified processing kitchen.




Visit Cloud Mountain Farm Center for: Come visit Cloud Mountain for a farm tour of our beautiful orchards and vineyards, a fruit tree sale in the nursery, and a chance to learn more about how we’re working to build a resilient and diversified food system through on-farm production, events and workshops, aggregation and storage space, and our incubator farm program. Common Threads’ new food truck, Basil, will be on-site selling delicious local food too!  

Address: 6906 Goodwin Rd, Everson

All About Fair Cow's Path Farm
Fair Cow’s Path Farm specializes in humanely raised and handled, start to finish, all natural grass-fed beef and pastured pork. Their focus, above all, is being compassionate and mindful stewards of their animals and land; where that which they lovingly nurture, in turn, provides nourishing and wholesome food for their community. Their beef is available by pieces, bundles, quarters, halves, and wholes. Their pork is available by the half and whole hog only. In addition to pigs and cattle, their farm is also home to a small herd of registered dairy goats, a flock of laying hens, gaggle of geese, and a large vegetable, herb, and cut flower garden.


Visit Fair Cow’s Path Farm for: Stop on in at Fair Cow’s Path Farm and see what happens around here. You’ll have the opportunity to say hi to our animals (including goats, cows, chickens and our emu chicks!), learn about our first generation beef cattle operation and the importance of supporting local meat production, purchase our grass-fed beef and handmade body care products AND, if you’re hungry, grab a bite to eat from The Mobile Mouth Hole, a local food truck that’ll be featuring beef from our farm! Come on by and say hi! 

Address:4186 Loomis Trail Rd, Blaine

Steensma Creamery
All About Grace Harbor Farms & Steensma Creamery
Grace Harbor Farms started as a hobby farm in 1999 as preparation for Y2k in case the world shut down… Obviously that didn’t happen, but it did start a family business that focuses on good, natural, local food. We are best known for our all natural, cream top milk, yogurt, kefir, cultured buttermilk and Goat Milk. We vat pasteurize, we don’t separate or homogenize to ensure the straight from the farm flavor. Our goal is to bring good food to the masses that isn’t full of thickeners, artificial flavors or generally ‘messed with’. Thank you for your support, we look forward to another 20+ years!
Steensma Creamery will be showcasing their production facility (located at Grace Harbor Farms). We are a fourth-generation family farm committed to regenerative food production in conscious partnership with our animals and land. We believe that the closer we are to where our food is grown, the better it is for our bodies, our planet, and our palate. In 2021, we launched the Pacific Northwest’s first local skyr yogurt, hand crafted with milk from our pastured dairy cows. Our skyr is creamy, flavorful, and sustainable from soil to spoon. Be sure to visit Steensma Creamery AT Grace Harbor Farms.

Visit Grace Harbor Farms and Steensma Creamery for: Stop by Grace Harbor Farms to learn how small farms and creameries are working together to bring you the best local products possible. Farmers from Steensma Creamery and Grace Harbor Farm will be on-site to share their stories. Come pet the goats, tour the creamery and visit the retail store to sample and purchase your favorite items. 

Address: 2347 Birch Bay Lynden Rd, Custer, WA 98240

All About Lydia's Flock Icelandic and Shetland Sheep

The Farm of Lydia’s Flock is located in the Squalicum Valley of NW Washington, 8 miles east of downtown Bellingham. We pasture raise our flock of registered Icelandic and Shetland sheep using regenerative agricultural methods focusing on happy sheep and healthy soil in the production of pastured lamb, registered breeding stock, raw fleeces, single source small batch yarn and finished fiber goods. We offer beginning and ongoing shepherding education, mentorship and consulting for those who are interested in raising sheep utilizing pasture based management practices. Pastured eggs from our flock of 40 laying hens are available for purchase on-farm, with advance purchase options available through our website. 



Visit Lydia’s Flock for: Regenerative agriculture in action at Lydia’s Flock Icelandic and Shetland Sheep, where our flock of 110 sheep improve and sustain the land through managed intensive grazing practices. Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs live with the flock full-time as a form of non-lethal predator protection in line with our values of raising livestock with minimal disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem. Learn about wool’s role in the fight against climate change and how sheep are a versatile choice for small farms. Our farm store will be open and well-stocked with lamb cuts, raw and finished wool products, naturally tanned sheepskins, and skulls.  

Address: 4269 Y Rd, Bellingham

All About Oak Meadows Farm
Oak Meadows Farm is a family owned, pasture-based, poultry and pig farm. We are located just north of Bellingham, WA. We specialize in pasture raised chicken and pork. We also offer quail eggs and broiler chicks. Grass-fed beef, pasture raised chicken eggs and other local products from our partner farms are also available in our farm store. You can buy our products directly from us at our farm store or have your order shipped to your home. 




Visit Oak Meadows Farm for: Drop by Oak Meadows Farm to see what sustainable agriculture is all about! We’ll take you on a farm tour to see our quail, chickens and the most adorable pigs you’ve ever seen! We will end the tour in our farm store where you can check out our selection of meats (pork, beef and chicken) and eggs (chicken and quail), all of which are corn and soy free and non-GMO. The animals can’t wait to see you and neither can we!

Address: 6285 Noble Oaks Ln, Ferndale, WA 98248

All About Small Acres Farm

Small Acres is certified organic, and we strive to be as ecologically responsible as possible. We produce a diverse array of vegetables, fruit, fermented products, eggs, and luffa sponges! Our products can be found at the Twin Sisters Market, Birchwood Market, online orders, and our CSA membership. 




Visit Small Acres for: a renewable energy-powered farm, guided tours every half-hour with a potato harvesting and washing demonstration, a farm stand with baked goods, coffee, fresh fruit, veggies, kimchi, loofah sponges, and more! 

Address: 3811 Hatley Rd, Everson

All About Spring Time Farm
Spring Time Farm is a family farm growing Certified Organic vegetables and flowers in the fertile soils of the Nooksack Valley. Wife and husband team of Sarah and Nick, along with a small crew, grow 15 acres of vegetables. We sell through our Community Supported Agriculture program, direct to regional groceries, restaurants and local food hubs. Our mission is to grow high quality food while providing good jobs and enhancing the farm’s ecosystem.

Visit Spring Time Farm for: Come visit us and see what 15 acres of Certified Organic vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs looks like! We’re proud to grow for Whatcom County and Seattle and we’d love to show you how we grow your food. We’ll have farm tours; produce, flowers, and merch available for sale; music, and more! Learn about our equipment, CSA program, farming practices, and very special ecosystem here on the farm.

Address: 3348 Mack Rd, Everson, WA 98247

All About WeGrow Garden

The WeGrow Garden is an urban garden in the heart of Bellingham comprised of 32 raised beds, fruit trees, composting system, and native and perennial plantings that support native pollinators and enhances green space in the urban core of Bellingham. In its 8th year, the garden continues to be a successful collaboration between the WSU Whatcom County Extension, local schools, youth organizations, Parks Dept., nonprofits, local businesses and the Bellingham Food bank.  

WeGrow is dedicated to increasing food security and providing space for community education, youth programs, vocational training and engagement. Whatcom County Agriculture is rich in tradition and the WeGrow garden creates connections with farmers large and small by training youth and local residents to understand and value the crops that sustain us.

WeGrow provides low-barrier horticulture vocational training to youth and adults, supported by WSU Whatcom Master Gardener volunteers, together we plant, grow, harvest and distribute produce to those in need.  As a Bellingham Food Bank Victory Garden we donate over 1000 pounds of produce each season.  The garden provides beauty, habitat and serves as an education space for school groups, non-profit youth agencies, and the public.  Showcasing how food is grown and managed is critical to a resilient community.

WE GROW is a vibrant living lab for horticultural learning and a place of hope for all the enjoy.

Special thanks to the City of Bellingham Parks and Greenways for providing this space for all.

Visit WeGrow Garden for: The WeGrow Garden is an urban garden in the heart of Bellingham comprised of 32 raised beds, fruit trees, composting system, and native and perennial plantings that support native pollinators and enhance green space in the urban core of Bellingham. In its 8th year, the garden is a successful collaboration between the WSU Whatcom County Extension, local schools, youth organizations, Parks Dept., nonprofits, local businesses, and the Bellingham Food Bank.  Come learn more about our youth training programs and how we are fighting food insecurity!  

Address: 1815 Ellis Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

All About Wright Brothers Farm

We grow consistent with organic principles as we work toward certification on property that has been in our family for more than 100 years. We are proud to be growing on the same property on which our uncles Loren and Ed Bailey founded Evergreen Station as one of Whatcom County’s first organic farms more than 50 years ago. We are guided by the philosophy that we are stewards of the earth, growing a diverse array of vegetables and herbs in a sustainable way, consistent with organic principles, enhancing and building the soil. We focus on growing great tasting vegetables and herbs.


Visit Wright Brothers Farm for: Love great food? See how Wright Brothers Farm grows 30+ varieties of fresh vegetables and herbs for our weekly veggie box subscribers, farmers market customers and restaurant chefs. Pick some up for yourself from our farm stand!  Learn how we grow sustainably using specialized equipment, strategies, tools, hoop houses, caterpillar tunnels, drip irrigation and composting techniques. Visit and hear about our family’s history of farming this property since 1903. Come see us! 

Address: 6785 Enterprise Rd, Ferndale

All farms will be working Toward Zero Waste during the Whatcom County Farm Tour. Please look for recycling, composting, and landfill receptacles for proper disposal of your trash.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Whatcom Community Foundation
Community Food Co-op
Mt. Baker Care Center & Summit Place Assisted Living
Puget Sound Food Hub
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