2024 Winter Wellness Guide

Winter is upon us, and so is the opportunity to shine a spotlight on your business in our exclusive 2024 Winter Wellness Guide. Join us in creating a healthier, happier, and more vibrant community by showcasing your winter wellness offerings to a targeted audience eager to embrace the season’s well-being. View the 2023 Winter Wellness Guide here.

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How your business or organization can participate

Easy Registration:

Signing up is simple and easy! Sustainable Connections members are automatically included in the promotion. If you are not a Sustainable Connections member, you can join today (starting at $15.83/month) or sign up for Winter Wellness as a guest for $40.

Showcase Your Unique Offerings:

In one sentence, highlight what makes your winter wellness offerings special on the registration form. Whether it’s cozy winter treats, health services, discounts, or unique fitness programs, let our community discover the best of what you have.

Limited Opportunities:

The deadline to sign up is December 29, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to be a key player in this year’s Winter Wellness Guide.

Why Participate?

Unparalleled Visibility:

Be prominently featured in our printed Winter Wellness Guide distributed in the Cascadia Daily, as well as in our online digital version, ensuring your business stands out to individuals actively seeking wellness products and services.


Print and Digital Media Exposure:

Amplify your presence through our posts on social media channels as well as advertisements in local publications reaching a wider audience and creating a buzz around your winter wellness offerings.

Targeted Marketing:

Connect with a niche audience interested in staying healthy and thriving during the winter months. Your offerings will be seen by those actively seeking winter wellness solutions.

Community Collaboration:

Foster community engagement by becoming a part of a guide that celebrates local businesses contributing to the health and well-being of our residents.

Credibility and Trust:

Align your brand with the credibility of Sustainable Connections, recognized for its commitment to sustainability and community betterment. Build trust with customers seeking reliable winter wellness options.


Cross-Promotion Opportunities:

Explore collaborative efforts with other businesses featured in the guide, expanding your reach through synergistic partnerships.


Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service

Sponsor the Winter Wellness Guide

Think Local First makes it easy to find what you need locally, celebrate where you live, and put what matters most first. Keep your dollars where your heart lives, support a healthy economy of friends and neighbors, and build a community that thrives by thinking local first! Your sponsorship of the Winter Wellness Guide not only gives your business extra exposure but also shows your commitment to a vibrant, healthy community in Whatcom County!