Graze & Gobble

cook it up!

Have some food that’s a little past its prime? No problem! Have some parsnips that need a pick-me-up? Easy! We’ve got recipes and ideas for how to make the most of what you’ve got so you can save the food and enjoy yummy meals. 


How to pep-up greens, veggies, and more, plus useful tips for using food scraps. 


A fast way to find meal ideas for ingredients you already have on hand! 


Before you decide to throw out those food scraps, think twice!

Recipes for cooking with food scraps

our favorite easy chilaquiles!

This recipe is great when you want to utilize leftovers! Less than 30 minutes, this breakfast is easy and delicious! We hope you love it.

food scrap falafel!

This falafel recipe is great to cook with whatever you may have on hand. It will help you get creative in the kitchen and use those scraps up!

Delicious Tex-mex migas!

This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious! It helps utilize all of the scraps in your fridge to deliver you a tasty meal any time of the day!

Yummy roasted potato skins!

Keep those potato peels away from the trash. Instead, bake them to create a delicious snack. This recipe is quick, easy, and full of yum!

this jam is the jam!

Take those soggy berries and turn them into a tasty jam! Don’t fear when soggy berries are near! This recipe will have fresh jam in your fridge in no time.

all the leftovers belong in this dish!

If you have leftover protein, veggies, and anything else you may find in your fridge, throw them all into a noodle stir fry! This recipe will have dinner on the table in no time!

Food Preservation

learn from the pros

Want hands-on experience for food preservation? These organizations offer classes year-round. Learn about canning, fermenting, freezing, drying, and more. Don’t let another vegetable go to waste!

Community Food Co-op Classes

Chuckanut Center Classes

WSU Extension Calendar


Attack of the Zucchinis

Do you have a CSA farm share, personal garden, or a crisper drawer bursting with more produce than you know what to do with? Check out these food preservation recipes that are specially curated for abundant produce in the Pacific Northwest.

Food Preservation Recipes

for the DIY-ers

Not interested in taking classes? There’s plenty of information on the web detailing how to preserve food! Just make sure to take recipes from a trusted source to prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses. The links below are a few great places to start!

USDA Recipes

Ball Canning Recipes

WSU Recipes

pledge to squatch food waste.

We can each do a little to help!  We have a goal of gathering 500 pledges from the community. Together, we’ll go a long way towards squatching food waste. 

Choose one of three pledges, or pick them all! Start meal planning, create an ‘eat first’ section in your fridge, or donate soon-to-expire foods to a local hunger relief agency.

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