Leave no trace

make food last longer

The number one reason we throw away food too soon is because of food safety concerns. Get the facts about food safety and learn how to prepare and store foods to last! 

deciphering dates

Sell by, best by, expiration…what’s what?! We’ve got you. Here’s what each mean, and what they mean when it comes to food safety!

Storage guides

We’ve whipped up a great reminder to post on the fridge, quick tips on smart storage & prep and found a comprehensive guide from Eureka Recycling for those who want all the details: how to store everything from A-Z.

be a cool squatch, freeze it!

Freezing is one of the easiest way to keep foods fresh and cut down on waste and your grocery bill! Here’s what you should and shouldn’t freeze, and just how long it will last. 

Cooking for Baby squatch

From picky eaters to little grazers, some ideas on cutting kiddo food waste.  

create an ‘eat first’ section in your fridge

Move the foods you should eat right away front and center in the fridge. A simple and easy way to squatch food waste.

pledge to squatch food waste.

We can each do a little to help!  We have a goal of gathering 500 pledges from the community. Together, we’ll go a long way towards squatching food waste. 

Choose one of three pledges, or pick them all! Start meal planning, create an ‘eat first’ section in your fridge, or donate soon-to-expire foods to a local hunger relief agency.

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